When you’re purchasing a pre-owned car, you might pay less compared to buying a brand-new one. However, you are still investing. Though you can get an excellent deal for the price, there are possibilities that you end up with a defective vehicle.   


Even if the car looks great, there are possibilities that it has been in an accident and was fixed. Most dealers try to cut costs when fixing these cars to improve their profit margin. Because of this, these cars end up with an unstable structure.   

Lucky for you, we’re here to help. Today, we’re going to share some indications that a used car has been in an accident. With this, you can choose the best car from a used car dealer Elkhart company.  

Test Drive  

Test drive plays a huge part in purchasing a vehicle. This is especially true if you’re buying a used one, helping you determine the car’s condition. It will also tell you if the vehicle has been in an accident.   

There is an alignment issue if the vehicle fails to keep straight when you’re driving it. It is a sign that a car isn’t suitable to drive and shouldn’t take it out on the road. It can also be an issue with the chassis of the vehicle. This is a huge warning sign. Hire a professional car mechanic to examine the alignment. Also, you can ask the dealer to fix the car for you or lower the price.   

Irregular Welding  

Though the manufacturer welds a couple of components in the car’s frame, you can search for odd welding marks in the vehicle to see if it has been repaired. If you see odd welded components, it means that the original part has been replaced after an accident.   

When purchasing a used car, odd welding marks are a huge warning sign. Even if the dealer has been honest with you, you still have to pick a car with no damage. This will help you prevent any safety hazards when driving it.   

Inconsistent Panels  

One example of a shoddy repair job is inconsistent panels. Every component of a car is aligned when it is manufactured at a factory. This includes the hood, fenders, and doors. This alignment stays the same even after several years of use. However, it can be significantly affected if the car has experienced an accident.   

Often, repair after an accident leaves an inconsistency in these panels. You might notice that a particular door needs a bit of effort to open. This is an excellent example of inconsistent panels. Make sure that the gaps between every panel are uniform.   

The Paint Does Not Match  

A vehicle that has been fixed after an accident will have inconsistencies in the car’s exterior paint job. These inconsistencies can include the color of the paint not matching the other areas of the car. Aside from that, a particular area might not be as glossy as the rest of the vehicle. These are apparent indications that the car has been in an accident.