It is very fun and exciting that your kids are learning a lot of things and they are able to communicate with their parents and even to other kids. Teaching them some words that they can easily remember like Mommy or Daddy when they were like 6 to 12 months old could be very satisfying as a parent to them. But there are some parents who are having a hard time teaching their kids. It could be about some issue in the development stage of the kids or it could be about the method or ways that you are showing to them on how to learn things. Dealing with different words and speeches could not be very easy for youngsters to remember easily. They would also be feeling bored and annoyed when you keep o insisting them to memorize or remember a lot of words and longer sentences. Below are some of the great tips and methods that you can use and help to guide you with your kids in developing his speech and language ability. This will be a great way for you not to hire a speech therapist in the future.  


  1. Talk and talk to them. Try to guide them whenever you are asking questions to them. You could start with a simple yes or no. In this way, it would be very hard for them to say a lot of things. You could have a short conversation with them for example. Do you like to have your breakfast now? Are you hungry? What food do you like to eat? These are some basic questions that they could answer in a simpler way as well.  
  2. Another way of teaching your kids on how to gain more vocabulary words and practice their pronunciation is by reading some interesting books that could be very suitable to their young age. It would also be a good start for them to love reading and be more of a story teller.  
  3. Letting them to read every day could be fine as long as that you would not spend the entire day for reading only. You may let him or her listen to some songs like the nursery rhymes and songs. It would be better if they could see some pictures or videos at the same time. It would be very easy for them to remember it.  
  4. Don’t tell your kids that he or she is saying the word incorrectly. Instead you may repeat what he or she said and let him or her followed it back. Telling them that they are wrong in a more obvious way would not boost their self-confidence.  
  5. Aside from reading children stories. You could let them watch some children movies. In this way, they would be more interactive when it comes to developing their senses like hearing and vision.  
  6. Give them the chance to explore the outside world like having a field trip or going to a zoo where they could really learn the basic words like for example the names of the animals and the places of course.